Arachidi Tostate - Salad Nuts

2.00 EUR (Je Anzahl)

Arachidi Tostate e Salate

Asciugatura fino a 2,5Kg

5.00 EUR (Je Anzahl)

2,5Kg dry service

Asciugatura pieno carico

8.00 EUR (Je Anzahl)

Full Load Dry Service


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Birra Estera 0,33

1.50 EUR (Je Anzahl)

Birra Estera 0,33 generica

Birra Premium

2.50 EUR (Je Anzahl)

Five Roses 75 Anniversario - 0,75L - Cantine Leone De Castris

18.00 EUR (Je Anzahl)

The Five Roses Anniversario was created for the first time with the vintage ’93, in the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Five Roses. Nice and brilliant cherry-red colour, heady scent of blackberry, red currant and rose. To the palate it is rich in fresh acidity, great structure and a fruity and persistent finish. Suggested with “risotto”, fish and white meat. Great also with sushi and as aperitif. VARIETY: Negroamaro (80%); Malvasia Nera di Lecce (20%) VINTAGE: 2018 ALCOHOL: 12% SOIL: clayey-muddy TRAINING SYSTEM: Apulian head training with 7000 vinestocks VINEYARD AVERAGE AGE: 50 years HARVEST: first decade of September YIELD PER HA: 6.5 tonnes VINIFICATION: The grapes after a soft pressure and following separation of grape-stalk are submitted to particular maceration ( 7 -10° C) for a short time, it follows the extraction of the must flower (around 35%) and the following fermentation is at checked temperature (14° C.) MATURATION: at least 2 months in steel tanks BOTTLE AGEING: at least 1 month BOTTLE SIZE: 375/750 ml. SERVING TEMPERATURE: 10-12°C

Bucato Pieno Carico

10.00 EUR (Je Anzahl)

Bucato fino a 6Kg

Lattina Soft Drink

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Minibar piccola colazione

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Minibar Piccola Colazione - art. generico

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Minibar piccola colazione - snack

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Minibar piccola colazione - snack

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Pane a fette

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Pringles Chips

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Ironing Service per piece

Taralli in Busta

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Taralli in Busta snack


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